Bodyweight Only

From Zero to Hero: Beginner Bodyweight Workout
Strength Essentials: Advanced Bodyweight Workout
10 Minute Zero-Equipment Home Workout
DIY Mobility Routine

Kettlebells and Bodyweight

Loaded Yoga
Super Quick Workouts
Program Minimum: Workouts with only 2 Movements

Workout Design

I nerd out quite a bit over workout routine design. My ultimate goal is to provide you with sufficient knowledge so you’re not dependent on some cookie-cutter solution. I want you to gain physical literacy. Everybody should be able to whip up their own workouts based on their abilities, resources and tools.

Also have a look at my current training to see the most updated version of how I apply these methods.

A User Guide for Predesigned Workout Routines
Hybrid Training: Don’t Be a Slave to Your Tools
How I Train
The 5 Rules of Successful Workout Routine Design
Forget Sets and Reps and Get Results
How to Get Strong, Pain-free and Lean in Less than 3 Hours a Week