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Okay, so you dig minimalist strength training. You want to get stronger with minimal time investment. Or you’re a strength training beginner. In all of these cases, I’ve got you covered:

The Basics

Nobody got strong without spending ample time perfecting the basics. If you are not proficient with these, you have no business tackling their advanced cousins. So let’s get you started.

Push-ups: How to Do Them Properly
How to Get Your First Pull-up
Bodyweight Squats: How and Why to Do Them

You might want to incorporate these in an effective routine:

From Zero to Hero: Beginner Bodyweight Workout Plan

Advanced Stuff

If you’ve got a solid basis, you’re probably at a point where your desire is to do cool moves. The way we do this is by progressively choosing harder variations of the basics:

One-arm Push-up Progression
Pistol Squat Progression
Handstand Push-up Progression
Back Bridge Progression
Enter the Dragon Flag

When trying to progress to these exercises, keep these principles in mind:

How to Train for Pure Strength
How to Progress with Bodyweight Exercises

If you’d like a neat program to incorporate these demanding exercises, try this one:

Neat Routine: Strength Essentials

Side note: Regardless of which routine you follow, it’s always good to keep a workout log.

How to Keep a Workout Journal

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Some Important Ramblings

Sometimes I abuse this blog to shamelessly distribute my opinion. Some of the pillars of my fitness philosophy are included here:

Why You Don’t Need Workout Gear
Why Women Should Strength Train
10 Tips to a Better Diet

Guest Posts

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