Unlock Your Strength: All About Neutral Grip Pull Up Muscles Worked

Neutral grip pull up muscles worked is a strength training exercise that works multiple muscle groups, including your back and arms. It’s an effective way to increase muscular size and endurance as well as improve overall body composition. Not only does it target the same primary muscles used in traditional chin-ups, but also provides additional benefits due to its neutral grip position. Learn more about the muscles worked by this exercise, its potential benefits for fitness practitioners, various variations of the movement you can use for better results and alternative exercises that work similar muscle groups here.

Neutral Grip Pull Up Muscles Worked

Muscles Worked in Neutral Grip Pull Up

a. Primary Muscles:

The primary muscles worked in a neutral grip pull up are the latissimus dorsi, or lats, which are located on either side of your back and run from the lower spine to the upper arm bone. These muscles are responsible for pulling your arms down towards your body and providing stability during this exercise. Additionally, they help to support proper posture while performing pull ups.

b. Secondary Muscles:

The secondary muscles used when doing a neutral grip pull up include the trapezius muscle, which is located at the base of your neck and runs down along both sides of your shoulder blades; as well as the rhomboids which connect between each shoulder blade and spine. Both these muscles work together to provide additional stability during this exercise by helping you keep good form throughout each rep.

In addition to these larger muscle groups, there are also several smaller stabilizing muscles that come into play when performing a neutral grip pull up such as those found in the forearms (flexors), biceps (brachialis) and shoulders (deltoids). All of these small but important muscles help keep you balanced throughout each rep so that you can get maximum benefit out of every set.

The neutral grip pull up is a great exercise to target your upper body muscles, and when done correctly can provide you with increased strength, mobility, posture and balance. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of this powerful move.

Benefits of Neutral Grip Pull Up

The neutral grip pull up is an effective exercise for building upper body strength and power. It works the muscles of the back, shoulders, chest, arms, and core while providing a great challenge to your stabilizing muscles. This exercise can help improve posture and balance as well as increase mobility and flexibility in the shoulder joints.

Improved Strength and Power:

The neutral grip pull up requires more muscle recruitment than other types of pull ups due to its unique hand position. By engaging multiple muscle groups at once you will be able to lift heavier weights with greater ease. This increased strength will also translate into improved power output when performing activities such as sprinting or jumping.

Increased Mobility and Flexibility:

The neutral grip pull up helps open up tight areas in the shoulder joint which can lead to improved range of motion throughout your entire upper body. With regular practice you should notice that everyday tasks become easier as your shoulders become stronger and more flexible over time.

Improved Posture and Balance:

Performing a neutral grip pull up correctly requires good form from head-to-toe; this includes keeping your spine straight throughout each rep while maintaining proper alignment between your hips, knees, ankles, feet, hands etc Practicing this type of movement regularly will help develop better postural awareness which can lead to improved balance overall.

Overall, the benefits associated with performing a neutral grip pull up are numerous. It is an excellent way to build strength in both major muscle groups (back and shoulders) while also helping improve mobility and flexibility in those same areas. Additionally, it is great for developing better posture and balance – all essential components for staying injury-free during any physical activity.

The neutral grip pull up offers a wide range of benefits to strength and power, mobility and flexibility, posture and balance. With the various exercise variations available for this move, you can easily customize your workout routine to meet your individual fitness goals.

Exercise Variations for Neutral Grip Pull Up

Assisted Neutral Grip Pull Up:

This variation of the neutral grip pull up is a great way to build strength and increase mobility. It can be done with either a band or an assisted machine, depending on your fitness level. With the band, you will loop it around the bar and then place one foot in it for assistance as you perform each rep. With an assisted machine, you will adjust the weight so that it helps support your bodyweight as you complete each rep. Both variations are effective ways to progress towards completing full neutral grip pull ups without any assistance.

Eccentric Neutral Grip Pull Up:

Eccentric training is a great way to challenge yourself while performing neutral grip pull ups. To do this variation, start at the top of the movement by pulling yourself up until your chin is above the bar and then slowly lower yourself back down over 4-5 seconds while maintaining control throughout each rep. Doing this type of exercise increases time under tension which leads to greater muscle growth and increased strength gains over time.

By varying the exercise type, grip, and range of motion you can create different levels of difficulty for your neutral grip pull up workouts. With this in mind, let’s look at some alternative exercises to target similar muscles worked by the neutral grip pull up.

Alternative Exercises for Neutral Grip Pull Up

Chin Ups with Parallel Bars or Rings are an excellent alternative exercise to the Neutral Grip Pull Up. This exercise is great for targeting your back muscles and biceps, as well as improving grip strength. To perform this exercise, grab a pair of parallel bars or rings with a close-grip handle. Start by hanging from the bar with your arms straight and palms facing you. Engage your core and pull yourself up until your chin reaches above the bar or ring. Slowly lower yourself back down to starting position and repeat for desired reps.

Inverted Rows with Parallel Bars or Rings can also be used in place of Neutral Grip Pull Ups if needed. This exercise targets similar muscle groups but may be easier on those who lack upper body strength due to its inverted nature. To perform this exercise, start by lying underneath a pair of parallel bars or rings at chest height while gripping them firmly with a close-grip handle. Keeping your legs straight out in front of you, engage your core and pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar/ring then slowly lower yourself back down to starting position and repeat for desired reps.

Seated Cable Rows are another great alternative to Neutral Grip Pull Ups that work many of the same muscle groups including lats, traps, rhomboids, rear delts and biceps. To perform this exercise correctly sit upright on a cable row machine keeping feet flat on foot plate throughout movement while gripping handles firmly using close-grip handles (palms facing each other). Begin by pulling weight towards torso until elbows reach behind body then slowly return weight back to starting position before repeating for desired reps.

Alternative exercises for neutral grip pull up can help strengthen and build the same muscles as a regular pull-up, allowing for greater variety in your strength training routine.

FAQs in Relation to Neutral Grip Pull Up Muscles Worked

What are neutral grip pullups good for?

Neutral grip pullups are a great exercise for developing upper body strength and improving overall posture. They work the back, biceps, shoulders, and core muscles all at once while providing a different angle of resistance than traditional pull-ups. The neutral grip also helps to reduce stress on the wrists and elbows compared to other exercises that require an overhand or underhand grip. Additionally, they can be done with minimal equipment in any home gym setting, making them a convenient option for anyone looking to add variety into their workout routine.

Is neutral grip better for pull-ups?

The answer to the question of whether a neutral grip is better for pull-ups depends on individual preference and goals. For some, a neutral grip can be beneficial as it allows for greater range of motion and may reduce strain on the wrists. However, this type of grip also places more emphasis on certain muscles, such as those in the shoulders and arms. Ultimately, it is up to each person to decide which grip works best for them based on their specific needs and abilities.

What muscles do wide neutral grip pull-ups work?

Wide neutral grip pull-ups are a great exercise for targeting the muscles of the back, including the lats, rhomboids, and rear deltoids. Additionally, they also work the biceps and forearms as well as core stabilizers such as your abdominals and obliques. By using a wide grip with palms facing each other (neutral), you can increase tension on these muscle groups to maximize their development.

Do neutral grip pull-ups work shoulders?

Yes, neutral grip pull-ups do work the shoulders. The shoulder muscles are engaged in order to stabilize and support the body during this exercise. Additionally, because of the unique hand position used for a neutral grip pull-up, there is an increased range of motion that can be achieved which further works the shoulder muscles. This variation on a classic exercise can help to build strength and size in both your back and shoulders when performed correctly with proper form.


It works multiple muscles including the lats, biceps, traps, rhomboids and more. There are many variations of this exercise that can be used to target different muscles or increase difficulty level. Additionally, there are alternative exercises such as chin ups and inverted rows that work similar muscles as the neutral grip pull up. All these exercises can help you build strength and muscle in your upper body when done correctly with proper form and technique. So if you’re looking to build strength while targeting specific muscles like those worked by a neutral grip pull up, give it a try.

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