This keeps me accountable and hopefully provides inspiration for your own training.

If you don’t know a certain exercise, a quick search on YouTube should help.

Recently, I switched over to training in the morning. I always leave the house with a pump and feel energized.

Today’s training:

Warm-up, focusing on hips and waking up the glutes:
Leg swings and knee circles
Lateral Walk w/ mini-band
Goblet Squat Hold in the bottom
Hamstring Curls w/ mini-band
Air Squats w/ mini-band around thighs

Strenght work, 3 super-sets
Romanian Deadlift (w/ two 24k bells and a resistance band)
Goblet Squat 32k

With a slow and controlled eccentric phase, I do about 10-15 reps depending on fatigue.

– Last updated on November 28th, 2017 –