Homemade Hamstrings: Eccentric Valslide SHELCs

Bodyweight or minimal equipment exercises are great. Until you want to target your hamstrings. Luckily, Valslide SHELCs are phenomenal to fry your hammies. The best thing: You only need regular household items to do them. First, here is what the exercise looks like: Second, what the heck do all these words mean? SHELCs: Supine Hip Extended Leg Curls. Supine means … Read more →

How to Get Strong, Pain-free and Lean in Less than 3 Hours a Week

I experiment a lot with different training protocols. But, I always catch myself coming back to the same workout template: Ultimate Athleticism. To me, this is the gold standard of training and time management. 90% of the recreational trainees should follow this. The template looks like this: Warm-up (10 minutes) Loaded yoga and/or simple joint mobility drills Strength Block … Read more →

The Best Deadlift Variation without a Barbell

Try this move if you don’t have access to a heavy barbell or if your lower back doesn’t tolerate a lot of load. Let me present to you: The Single-leg Romanian Deadlift (SLDL). I love to deadlift. Whenever I have access to a heavy barbell, I feel the urge to pull some heavy weights off … Read more →

Heavy Deadlifts at Home

Split-stance kettlebell deadlifts are the ultimate solution for training heavy deadlifts at home. I’ll show you how to do them properly. I added a little deadlift workout at the end that really challenges your posterior chain. In the last article, I talked about single-leg deadlifts (SLDLs). You can do them bodyweight-only. You can also load them pretty heavy … Read more →

Building Your Exercise Menu

Whilst browsing the internet, you’ll find hundreds of exercise programs. Many are random list of exercises. If you’re lucky, the author organized the list by body part. Let’s forget about the minutiae and create system-based routines. It helps if you think of strength routines as dinner menus … When I see programs like “Getting Jacked Like … Read more →

Why Women Should Strength Train

Here is some bro-science for you that gets tossed around in the gym on a regular basis: Women should train with less resistance, more repetitions and do cardio or yoga to “tone” their body. The reasoning behind this is that from doing heavy lifting (meaning heavier weights or greater resistance and fewer reps), everybody will … Read more →

How to Train for Pure Strength

Most of the articles you will find on Neat Strength will target how to acquire certain feats of strength such as muscle-ups, L-sits, pistols or one-arm push-ups. While it’s also possible to gain significant muscle mass with just calisthenics, this is not my main concern. Most of the time, I want to get better at calisthenics moves, which … Read more →

Growing Muscles with Bodyweight Training: Q&A

So this week, the Weekly Neat Workouts series is on hiatus. But I prepared another little intermezzo for y’all. There are some common and understandable misconceptions about building muscle mass (or bulking, as some may call it) by solely using bodyweight exercises. There is lots of confusion when it comes to the choice of exercises, program design and … Read more →