My Day at the Hamburg Kettlebell Club

Last weekend, I had the honor to participate in not only one, but two awesome seminars at Hamburg Kettlebell Club. Frank Delventhal invited me to join his group seminars Enter the Kettlebell and Progressive Calisthenics. I had a blast being taught by Frank and I thought I’d share my experiences with the rest of the world. Here it goes. Enter the … Read more →

Why Exercise Form Matters

In the fitness blogosphere, you often stumble over people preaching the importance of using good exercise form. I sure am guilty of this, too, especially when I talk about push-ups and squats. But why the hell should you actually care about exercise form? Lemme ‘splain why and read on. Measurability When I talk about an exercise and tell … Read more →

Interview with Al Kavadlo: Zen Mind, Strong Body

I am really excited about today’s blog post! I had the honor to interview Al Kavadlo, Lead Instructor for the PCC, acclaimed bodyweight strength training expert and all-around awesome guy. If you’ve read anything from this site and found it helpful, you can thank Al. He is my main inspiration when it comes to training and health … Read more →

5 Fitness Mistakes Smart People Make

Getting fit, lean and healthy is no rocket science. Apply some simple principles, like eating real food, having a solid workout routine which you follow consistently and you will get results. Yet many people struggle with reaching their fitness goals and it has nothing to do with their lack of wits. It’s quite the opposite: Because of their intelligence, people fail to … Read more →

How I Found the Most Effective Workout Routine Ever

Aren’t you tired of the desperate search for the perfect workout routine? The one that will finally help you reach your goals? It’s a lot of work, reading all those fitness magazines, online tutorials and blog articles, isn’t it? Well, as luck would have it, I have just the thing for you: The most effective workout … Read more →

Office Habits for the Fit Nerd

This article is an homage to one of my favorite websites, Its creator, Steve Kamb, is one of my heroes and a huge inspirational force behind my decision to take on fitness blogging. Enjoy. If you are an eager Nerd Fitness reader who puts words into action instead of collecting underpants, you might already have many … Read more →

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