Forget Sets and Reps and Get Results

Ever heard the saying “What gets measured gets managed”? It turns out that this does not hold true for everyone. At least it doesn’t for me anymore. I’m kind of a strength training nerd. That’s why I started this blog after all. I love geeking out with training programs. I also give away a free workout … Read more →

Hover Lunges: A More User Friendly Alternative to Pistol Squats?

I love pistol squats and they have helped me develop great ankle mobility, bulletproof knees and strong legs. Lately, I’ve been doing more and more hover lunges, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are superior to pistol squats. Hover Lunges vs. Pistols Before we dive into the progressions and how-tos, let’s look at why … Read more →

Rows: Better Posture, Happy Shoulders

“Why should I train stupid rows? I do pull-ups, they’re way harder.” “I don’t have any equipment to do this exercise.” “Rows are boring.” If you can identify with any of the statements above, this article is for you. Hopefully, at the end of the article, you’ll be like: “Rows are awesome. How can I … Read more →

How to Create Your Own Workout Routine

Everybody who is somewhat involved with strength training does it for a specific reason: recompositioning their bodies, getting stronger to peform better in sports, to boost general mood and health or just as a recreational hobby. The question is: How do you train to achieve that specific goal of yours? One of the great things about … Read more →

How to Keep a Workout Journal

By now, you probably know that consistency is the key to success when it comes to following a workout routine. The best way to keep track of your progress is to log your workouts in a workout journal. In this article, I’m gonna share what my workout journal looks like and how you can adopt the habit of … Read more →

How to Get Your First Pull-up

The pull-up is one of those exercises that get’s you a lot of bang for your buck. It works your lats, biceps, abs, shoulders, forearms and triceps (yeah it’s true). It’s the only exercise that really needs some kind of equipment, but if you’re willing to be creative, you can always find something to hang … Read more →

4 Pull-Up Alternatives to Do at Home

The classic pull-up is one of my favorite exercises. It targets lots of muscles and is essential in counteracting all the pushing movements we do over the course of a day. Unfortunately, of the basic bodyweight progressions, this is the only exercise that calls for some kind of equipment: You need something to hang from. But some people don’t … Read more →

Enter the Dragon Flag

The dragon flag is a skill that I’ve been trying to perfect for some time now. This is my favorite exercise for rock-hard abs. I often get the question “So, what’s a good exercise to get a six pack?” My answer is usually this: 5 sets of eat-less-crap and progressing to be able to do a dragon flag. Besides … Read more →

Do You Even Live, Bro?

  Because you’re reading this first paragraph after seeing the ridiculous headline, I’m assuming you’re familiar with internet fitness terms. That indicates that you’ve come across multiple fitness blogs, videos or photos (and if I’m your first, I’ll try to be extra gentle). You know, those videos of guys that make look one-arm handstands easy … Read more →