Advanced Bodyweight

By clicking the links down below, you’ll get to wonderful places. You will see in-depth tutorials on how to progress to advanced bodyweight exercises.

Following these bodyweight progressions will make you super-strong. The tutorials are designed to use minimal to no equipment.

To progress effectively, I recommend including the bodyweight progressions you want to work on into a workout plan. Keep a workout log where you can document your progress. Practice your progressions as often as you can while allowing for sufficient recovery.

Bodyweight Essentials

These are the exercises that I deem essential for every bodyweight strength athlete. Progressing only with these moves will give you well-rounded strength and physique. You can follow this Neat Routine which is based on these 5 exercises.

Pistol Squat

One-arm Push-up


Handstand Push-up

Back Bridge

Isometric Holds

Dragon Flag


Leg Day

Hover Lunges