This week’s Neat Workout uses unilateral movements. This basically means you’ll primarily use only one side of your body to perform the move. For example, for archer push-ups to the right, you’ll primarily use the strength of your right arm.

Because you’re changing sides for each repetition, each side gets a longer pause between reps. Therefore, you should be able to perform more reps in total for each side, respectively.


3 circuits, 2 minutes rest between circuits

Perform the reps on alternating sides (1 rep = 1 left + 1 right)

10 Archer Push-ups
10 One-arm Bodyweight Rows
15 Side Lunges
10 Ground Windshield Wipers

Bonus: 1 min Side Planks (each side)

If the exericses above are too hard for you, here are some easier variations.

  • Incline Archer Push-ups: Put your hands on an elevated surface.
  • Bent-Knee One-arm Bodyweight Row: The one-arm rows get easier if you bend your legs at your knees. Torso and thighs should still be in line.
  • Half Side Lunges: If you lack the flexibility or strength to go all the way down, simply go down as far as possible.
  • Tucked Windshield Wipers: Instead of keeping your legs straight, tuck them in. Work on straightening out your legs with each workout.


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