For you advanced trainees, this is a neat workout for active recovery. You can simultaneously give your whole body a full stretch and aid recovery by increasing blood flow to joints and muscles.

For a beginner or intermediate, this can become a challenging workout that works strength and flexibility at the same time.

Try to get into the flow and make every move as smooth and deliberate as possible. I purposely didn’t provide any numbers for this workout, because that misses the whole point of it. As cheesy as it sounds, this workout is all about being in the moment.

Enjoy. (I rendered the video with double speed. Otherwise, it would have been too long.)

3 circuits, no rest between circuits

Focus on slow and clean performance of each exercise.

Yoga Burpees
Walking Side Lunges (go both directions)
Thoracic Bridges (each side)

Bonus: Do some more static stretches and focus on the muscles that felt especially tight during the workout.