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AnyUp – The Bodyweight Training Coach in Your Pocket


Weird things happen when you train in public. You’re training at the pull-up bars at the park, and then a group of people gathers around you. They’re laying out their mats, saying stuff like “burpees”, “pull-ups” and “toes to bar”. And before you know it, you’re doing a group workout with them and having a blast.

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L-Sit Progression


The L-sit is a unique challenge of strength and flexibility. To achieve a rock-solid L-sit, you need the best of both worlds. Here’s how to get it.

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Hybrid Training: Don’t Be a Slave to Your Tools

kettlebell neat strength

If you’ve been following me for any significant amount of time, you’ve noticed that I love bodyweight strength training. Today, I’m gonna confess to you that I’ve been cheating on calisthenics for quite some time now and I don’t regret it.

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Don’t Start with the End in Mind

dragon pistol

Let’s do a little time traveling: Go back in time when you first started to dabble in the world of “fitness”. Most likely, you started to exercise because you were unhappy with yourself. Be it that you were dissatisfied with the image you saw in the mirror or a general feeling of being “not fit” – strength training is looked upon as a solution to a problem. What’s wrong with that you ask?

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Why Bodybuilding is Healthy

danny kavadlo back pull up

Yes, you read that right. Although I’m always preaching about functional strength and focusing on the quality of movement, I think there is a time and place for bodybuilding type training. But not for the kind of reasons you might think.

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A User Guide for Predesigned Workout Routines

park bench

Admit it: You love to read lists of exercises with lots of numbers in front of them. Maybe you even like to write them down in your notebook, put them in your calendar or bookmark them in your browser. But with all the best intentions, you’re probably still doing it wrong.

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10 Minute Zero-Equipment Home Workout

home workout

Fitting exercise into your daily schedule can be challenging at times. What if you don’t have the time for an hour-long session of warm-up, strength training and stretching? Could you get by with just 10 minutes a day?

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The Neat Guide to Sprinting

sprint workout

I’m presenting to you an exercise that’s neglected by most gym rats. Not because they don’t know it exists, but because they are not aware of the huge benefits they’re missing out on. Besides, gyms are the worst place to perform this magical exercise.

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DIY Mobility Routine for Joint Health and Movement Quality

twist hold

Most calisthenics exercises require mobility that is above average. Besides that, having stellar mobility ensures that you can actually use all that strength you acquired during your training. But which mobility drills are the right ones for you? What’s the best mobility routine?

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Do You Even Live, Bro?


Because you’re reading this first paragraph after seeing the ridiculous headline, I’m assuming you’re familiar with internet fitness terms. That indicates that you’ve come across multiple fitness blogs, videos or photos (and if I’m your first, I’ll try to be extra gentle).

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