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The Neat Guide to Sprinting

sprint workout

I’m presenting to you an exercise that’s neglected by most gym rats. Not because they don’t know it exists, but because they are not aware of the huge benefits they’re missing out on. Besides, gyms are the worst place to perform this magical exercise.

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DIY Mobility Routine for Joint Health and Movement Quality

twist hold

Most calisthenics exercises require mobility that is above average. Besides that, having stellar mobility ensures that you can actually use all that strength you acquired during your training. But which mobility drills are the right ones for you? What’s the best mobility routine?

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Do You Even Live, Bro?


Because you’re reading this first paragraph after seeing the ridiculous headline, I’m assuming you’re familiar with internet fitness terms. That indicates that you’ve come across multiple fitness blogs, videos or photos (and if I’m your first, I’ll try to be extra gentle).

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From Zero to Hero: Beginner Bodyweight Workout Plan

beginner bodyweight exercises

Do advanced exercises like one-arm push-ups, pistol squats and dragon flags look impossible to you? Are you new to bodyweight training or strength training in general and need a starting point? Then this beginner bodyweight workout plan, Zero2Hero, is for you.

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Enter the Dragon Flag

dragon flag progression

The dragon flag is a skill that I’ve been trying to perfect for some time now. This is my favorite exercise for rock-hard abs. I often get the question “So, what’s a good exercise to get a six pack?” My answer is usually this: 5 sets of eat-less-crap and progressing to be able to do a dragon flag.

Besides the aesthetic aspects, learning this move will give you incredible core strength that has lots of carry-over to other movements that involve core stability (which is basically almost every bodyweight exercise). And Bruce Lee did it, ’nuff said.

If you want to tap into the secret of Bruce Lee’s powerful abs, read on.

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The Neat Book Club: The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning

encyclopedia of underground strength and conditioning

I decided to do a little experiment. Because I’m such a huge fitness geek, I read a ton of books about strength training and fitness. I thought it might be of value if I shared my thoughts on these books and give you a little bit of inspiration. This will probably be a monthly thing.

This month’s pick is Zach Even-Esh’s Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning.

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Office Habits for the Fit Nerd

lego nerd desk

This article is an homage to one of my favorite websites, Its creator, Steve Kamb, is one of my heroes and a huge inspirational force behind my decision to take on fitness blogging. Enjoy.

If you are an eager Nerd Fitness reader who puts words into action instead of collecting underpants, you might already have many of your health issues figured out.

In the best of cases, you already are doing regular resistance training, even if you are a woman. You’ve got your diet pretty much in check and know how to cook healthy, homemade meals instead of eating out or buying processed crap. You are a pretty active nerd who walks a lot and takes the stairs instead of the elevator.

Yet, the singular actions we take – like working out 3-4 times a week – might not be enough to counter all the daily sitting.

With this article, I’m giving you a handy guide to making the most of your office situation.

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4 Pull-Up Alternatives to Do at Home

pull-up alternatives

The classic pull-up is one of my favorite exercises. It targets lots of muscles and is essential in counteracting all the pushing movements we do over the course of a day.

Unfortunately, of the basic bodyweight progressions, this is the only exercise that calls for some kind of equipment: You need something to hang from. But some people don’t like to own a lot of equipment or don’t have the possibilities to mount a pull-up bar in their doorway or on their wall.

I’m a big proponent of going outside for my workouts. Most of the time, there is a playground near you or even some special park especially dedicated to bar calisthenics.

Sometimes, though, it’s raining cats and dogs outside or you just don’t have enough time and want a quick workout that you can do at home.

For these cases, I came up with 4 neat pull-up alternatives to do at home. The only equipment you need is some basic stuff that every household should already have: a table, a chair, a towel, a door and I think a floor’s pretty essential. Read on for detailed descriptions of the exercises.

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How I Found the Most Effective Workout Routine Ever

world supremacy

Aren’t you tired of the desperate search for the perfect workout routine? The one that will finally help you reach your goals?

It’s a lot of work, reading all those fitness magazines, online tutorials and blog articles, isn’t it? Well, as luck would have it, I have just the thing for you: The most effective workout routine there is, period.

Are you intrigued? Good, read on to find out more about my evil plan to take over the world.

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5 Fitness Mistakes Smart People Make

common fitness mistakes

Getting fit, lean and healthy is no rocket science. Apply some simple principles, like eating real food, having a solid workout routine which you follow consistently and you will get results.

Yet many people struggle with reaching their fitness goals and it has nothing to do with their lack of wits. It’s quite the opposite: Because of their intelligence, people fail to follow simple principles. Principles that seem too simple to work.

Read on if you want to know how your smartness is getting in the way of your fitness goals and how to avoid these 5 common fitness mistakes.

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