In the fashion of Derek Sivers’s now page, I’ll be updating this page with my current training routine.

This keeps me accountable and hopefully provides inspiration for your own training.

If you don’t know a certain exercise, a quick search on YouTube should help.

I came up with a great little program that works really well for me right now. Time has increasingly become a constraining factor for me.

This program has me working out 3 times a week (+1 one optional short HIIT session). The workouts take no more than 45 minutes. I’m making great progress so far.

Here’s a quick run down:

Upper / Lower Split Workout Program

  • 3 times per week, upper+lower+upper one week and lower+upper+lower the next week
  • Super-sets: Pair push+pull or hinge+squat and pair a “hard” strength movement with a high-rep “pump” exercise
  • Strength movements: 6-12 reps
  • Pump exercises: 10-20 reps
  • Do mobility drills as a warm-up (10-15 minutes) and pepper them into the super-sets


A1. One-arm Push-up Progression
A2. KB Bent-over Row // Inverted Rows on Rings // Face Pulls

B1. Pull-up Progression
B2. Ring Push-ups // Bottom-up KB Press


A1. Hover Lunge Progression
A2. Valslide SHELCs // 2KB Romanian Deadlift // 2KB Sumo Deadlifts

B1. Single-leg KB Romanian Deadlift
B2. Goblet Squat

Once a week (optional): Sprints on sand (at a beach volleyball court) or kettlebell complexes (HIIT)