In the fashion of Derek Sivers’s now page, I’ll be updating this page with my current training routine.

This keeps me accountable and hopefully provides inspiration for your own training.

If you don’t know a certain exercise, a quick search on YouTube should help.

I usually have two fixed workouts in the gym (Tuesday and Thursday), one workout in the park (Saturday or Sunday) and one or two quick kettlebell workouts at home if I can find the time.

August 2016 will be my last month of training in a gym with barbells for while. Therefore, I’m hitting it hard with front squats and romanian deadlifts this month.

This training template is very simple. I’ll do the same movements every workout. Between workouts, I will have 2 rest days. So if the first workout was on Monday, the next workouts are going to be on Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Friday, etc. This means sometimes I’ll have 3 workouts per week, sometimes 2. I will not be able to do all workouts with exactly that schedule, but I’ll try to get close.

I will throw in a kettlebell workout at home or a bodyweight session at the park if I really feel like it.

Here’s the workout:


Some mobility drills and Loaded Yoga

Goblet Squats w/ prying
Thoracic Bridges
90/90 or Shin Box

Strength Block

A1. 3×10 Front Squat
A2. 3×5 Front Lever Raises (half tucked)
A3, 90/90 Shin Box (mobility)

B1. 3×3-5 Half-kneeling 1-arm Bottom-up Kettlebell Press
B2. 3×10 Romanian Deadlift
B3. Downdog mobility complex

Cool Down
Pancake Stretch with barbell overhead

I do the movements in each block in super-sets. If I really hurry, this workout can be done in under 45 minutes.

I started the squats and deadlifts with a weight that I could do for 3×8, then worked up to 3×10. When I get to 3×10, I increase the weight. I try to use only big weight plates, so I might end up doing a workout were I only manage 3×6. And that’s fine.

Front lever raises with one leg tucked feel really solid. I’ll increase the reps if I can.

Just recently, I discovered the half-kneeling bottom-up press and I love it. Even with a light weight, this can be taxing. It stretches the hip flexor, engages the glutes and forces you to automatically use correct shoulder mechanics while pressing overhead.

I still need to let my left shoulder impingement recover, so this is perfect. This, paired with the romanian deadlifts, leaves my forearms really pumped.

I just started working on the pancake stretch for fun. I hold a (light) barbell overhead to help me get a deeper stretch. How I shift the weight — slightly in front or slightly behind my head — dictates how much load is used to deepen the stretch.

Last update: June 2016

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