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I hope you are well and you enjoyed my latest article on the PCC Blog about high frequency training.

What I love about the PCC community is that it’s so welcoming. Everybody is really generous and giving. It’s all about sharing each other’s wisdom. Even the real pros that are among us never give the impression that they’re on a high horse.

Therefore, I’d like to welcome you and thank you that you took the time and checked out this newbie site. At the time of writing, all information you’ll find on this site is completely free. Right now, all I want to do with is to spread the word about calisthenics and share the experiences I had with my own training.

If you want to know who I am and if so, how many, check out my About page. You can also contact me if you think there is something I can help you with (or maybe you can help me with something 😉 ).

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