Day 1 (Tuesday)
Barbell Complex
Pull-ups to 25
Airborne Lunges 5-5-5+
Heavy Farmer Walks (w/ trap bar)

Day 2 (Thursday)
Barbell Complex
Ring Dips 5-5-5+
Fat Gripz Deadlifts 5-5-5+
Heavy Farmer Walks (w/ trap bar)

Day 3 (weekend)
Handstand Push-ups or Straight-bar Dips
Pull-ups or Front Lever Progression
Pistol Squats

Warm-up in the Gym
1-3 Turkish Get-ups each side (currently at 32kg)
Loaded Yoga (Windmills, Goblet Squat w/ prying, etc.)
Some Foam Rolling (lats, middle upper back and calves mostly)

Warm-up at the Park
Light jog to the park
Some mobility drills (open up hips and shoulders, warm up spine)
Scapula raises on the pull-up bar
A couple of push-ups, rows and cossack squats

Bridge Hold
Splits Stretches

Active Recovery
Jefferson Curl in between BB complex sets
Loose Hang
Goblet Squat w/ prying
T-Spine Bridge + Dog Complex

I will train like this for the next 4 weeks.

I did a 2-week break-in for this routine. I used lighter weights and simply focused on checking off each movement and getting in and out of the gym/park quickly.

This way, I made sure I could manage the workload time-wise and recovery-wise. After some little tweaks, I’m confident that I can follow through with this program for 4 weeks straight.

Here is what’s included in the BB Complex:

Bent-over Row
Hang Clean
Front Squat
Behind-the-Neck Push Press
Back Squat
Good Morning

It works like this: Pick up the barbell, do all the reps of one exercise, then the next. Put the barbell down only when you’ve completed all movements.

I will vary the load and rep schemes, depending on how I feel that day. I plan on doing 3×8 with light weights on most days. Read this article for more info on complexes.

I hate them and love them. My joints seem to like them. My lungs and forearms hate them afterwards.

For the Farmer Walks, I chose a trap bar loaded up to 106.5kg (235lbs). I vary the distance and rounds (1-3) based on my energy levels. My goal is to increase the total distance.

Pull-ups to 25: How many sets does it take until you have 25 reps total? My goal: 2 sets.

5-5-5+: At the beginning, choose a weight/progression so that you could do 3 sets of 5 reps easily. Do 2 sets of 5. On the third set, do as many reps as possible. If you can do 10, add weight/go up in the progression next week.

At the park, I do the workout circuit style. So 3 rounds of push, pull and squat, with usually 5-10 reps. I don’t track my sets/reps in detail here. The park workouts can be unstructured and I’m choosing the exercises on-the-fly. The goal is to have fun, work on clean technique and skill and maintain the movement patterns.

Overall Goal of this Routine: In the past, my focus was mostly on absolute strength and low rep training. I have some aches here and there and wanted to put my focus on something else, give my joints a break.

This routine is more of a conditioning and bodybuilding routine. The Complexes, Farmer Walks and “lighter” strength blocks are all very joint friendly while still providing enough overall systemic stimulus (time under load is the keyword for Farmer Walks and Complexes).

I should be able to add some lean muscle to my frame. Perfect pre-summer routine 😉

Move freely.