Day 1 (Tuesday, Gym)

Front Squats 5-5-5+
Ring Rows 3×15

Wall Handstand Hold, Facing Wall 3x
Single-leg, Single-arm KB Deadlift

Day 2 (Thursday, Gym)

Front Lever Progression: One leg tucked, Negatives 5×3
Airborne Lunges 4×5+

Wall Handstand Hold, Facing Wall 3x
Trap-bar Deadlift 5-5-5+

5-5-5+: 2 sets of 5, 1 set of 5 or more. Add weight next time if last set was 10 reps.

4×5+: 4 sets of 5. If 4×5 felt good, try 4×6 next time. Goal: 4×8.

Handstands: I have an impingement in my left shoulder. This means I have to go easy on the pushing moves for the next few weeks. I figured, why not use that to my advantage and work on my handstand line. Direct overhead isometrics don’t seem to bother the shoulder.

Day 3 (weekend, park or at home)
More Handstand Practice
Lots of Rows
Airborne Lunges or Pistol Squats or Cossack Squats

Warm-up in the Gym
1-3 Turkish Get-ups each side (currently at 32kg)
Loaded Yoga (Windmills, Goblet Squat w/ prying, etc.)

Warm-up at the Park
Light jog to the park
Some mobility drills (open up hips and shoulders, warm up spine)
Scapula raises on the pull-up bar

Suitcase Carries with KB
One-arm Hangs for time
Some direct ab-work (Dragon Flags or Hanging Leg Raises mostly)

Splits Stretches

Active Recovery
Weighted Shoulder Dislocates
Loose Hang
T-Spine Bridge + Dog Complex

This routine has a focus on simple strength work with the most joint friendly variations I could find for each movement category.

When you look at Day 1 and 2, you might notice that I tried to implement the Ultimate Athleticism template.

I’m always pairing an upper push with a hinge movement (lower pull) and an upper pull with a squat variation (lower push). For leg work, I vary heavy 2 leg work (TB deadlift and front squat) with lighter 1 leg work (airborne lunges and single leg deadlifts). For upper pull, I am covering vertical or lat dominant pulling with front lever work and horizontal, upper back dominant pulling with shoulder friendly rowing.

These strength blocks are demanding enough while still leaving me feeling good and fresh afterwards. I do the paired movements in a super-set and do an active recovery directly afterwards. So block 1 on day 1 might look like this:

5 Front Squats
15 Ring Rows
10-15 Weighted Shoulder Dislocates
Catch breath, repeat

I vary the finishers each workout based on what I feel like doing. This is my little “reward” after checking off all my planned work. It keeps the workouts fun.

The park workouts are still an unstructured form of push/pull/squat and “light”. My focus is on handstands now. I throw in as many rows as I can and add in some single leg work for good measure.

I am really loving the weighted shoulder dislocates right now. They’re really effective for opening up the shoulders and help “pump” the shoulders with blood in the hopes of aiding recovery of my left shoulder.

Move freely.