In the fashion of Derek Sivers’s now page, I’ll be updating this page with my current training routine.

This keeps me accountable and hopefully provides inspiration for your own training.

If you don’t know a certain exercise, a quick search on YouTube should help.

Recently, I switched over to training in the morning. I always leave the house with a pump and feel energized.

Today’s training:

Warm-up, focusing on hips and waking up the glutes:
Leg swings and knee circles
Lateral Walk w/ mini-band
Goblet Squat Hold in the bottom
Hamstring Curls w/ mini-band
Air Squats w/ mini-band around thighs

Strenght work, 3 super-sets
Romanian Deadlift (w/ two 24k bells and a resistance band)
Goblet Squat 32k

With a slow and controlled eccentric phase, I do about 10-15 reps depending on fatigue.

– Last updated on November 28th, 2017 –