In the fashion of Derek Sivers’s now page, I’ll be updating this page with my current training routine.

This keeps me accountable and hopefully provides inspiration for your own training.

If you don’t know a certain exercise, a quick search on YouTube should help.

I’m back to full body, strength focused workouts. I focus on the big rocks – so to speak –, which is compound movements for push, pull, hinge and squat.

I noticed over the last few months of logging my training that I do much better with lower volume for the lower body and more volume for the upper body.

So I split the workouts like this:

A. Upper push + upper pull (super-set) and hinge
B. Upper push + upper pull (super-set) and squat

I autoregulate my training now instead of following a strict plan. That means, if I don’t feel the magic or if there is still soreness, I choose a lighter exercise with more reps.

So if I had an intense squatting session with hover lunges on Monday, I might still feel that in my butt on Wednesday. I then choose an easier hinge exercise such as a kettlebell sumo deadlift for higher reps.

Maybe I only did push-ups on Monday, so I feel ready for one-arm push-ups or handstand push-ups on Wednesday.

I train now 3-4 times a week. This training phase is a little more unstructured. I alternate between two workouts, A and B. I try to hit little PRs every time I train (more reps, more sets in the same time or more weight/harder exercise).

Each workout is full body, about 60 minutes (including warm-up and finisher).

The warm-up is about the same each time:

5 minutes
Mobility Complex
… and whatever needs work / feels good

roughly 10 minutes
5 TGUs / side (ground work)
3 x 5 Heavy Swings or Double Cleans (power work)

The finisher is some form of loaded carries:

5 minutes
Farmers Walks or Bottom-up Carries or Suitcase Carries

The workouts consist of a upper body push/pull super-set block (15-20 minutes) and a lower body block (one day squat, another day hinge) of 10 minutes.

I alternate horizontal and vertical pulling/pushing for the upper body. I also alternate unilateral and bilateral lower body movements (which also vary in intensity/rep range).

I use mobility/activation drills as active rest to further enhance my training performance.

The following are example workouts. I try to stick to a few exercises for 6-8 weeks. As mentioned above, I improvise based on how I feel.


15-20 minutes
Weighted Push-ups
Weighted Rows

10 minutes
Weighted Hover Lunges or Double Kettlebell Front Squats


15-20 minutes
Handstand Push-ups
Neutral Pull-ups

15 minutes
Single-leg Deadlifts or Swings or Double Kettlebell Deadlifts