Hi, I’m Silvio, 27, based in Hamburg, Germany and creator of Neat Strength. I created this website to help as much people as possible to get ultra-strong without a gym membership or unnecessary equipment.

I write about effective ways to get stronger with minimalistic methods.

I am a regular guy with no specific athletic background other than my love and enthusiasm for strength training.

My primary focus is bodyweight strength training (calisthenics), but I’ll happily use tools that deliver lots of bang for the buck. This includes kettlebells, gymnastic rings or heavy weights if I have access to them.

My Story

I got into strength training by getting a gym membership at age 19. I was not really overweight, but a chubby, weak kid who desperately wanted to look sexy in his swim trunks.

The gym membership took a huge bite off of my pocket money at the time, which motivated me to not skip a workout and waste money. Being the nerd that I am, I soon began to read up on different workout routines because I felt I didn’t get real, personalized advice from the gym “trainers”. I read about all kinds of methods to work out to bulk up, cut down, increase strength and so on.

After two years of wiping my sweat from gym machines and lastly from free weights, I discovered one simple workout that I just tried for fun. It was a circuit consisting of push-ups, pull-ups, squats and planks. I did this the next few weeks at the gym and fell in love with the simplicity.

It didn’t matter if this increased the size of my muscles or helped burn fat or not. I was fascinated that I could get a full workout without doing tons of different isolation exercises for each muscle group, with almost zero equipment and only four exercises.

I quickly realized that I didn’t need the gym anymore. All I needed was the floor, something to hang from, and creativity. At this point, I still hadn’t heard the term “calisthenics” once. But I kept digging into the world of gymless fitness until I stumbled over a tutorial on how to do one-arm push-ups. I don’t know which one it was, but it made me realize that, given time and effort, all these awesome feats of strength are possible for me.

By focusing on simplifying the process to get strong and healthy and eating real food, I got in the best shape of my life.

I think getting strong – and looking strong and athletic – does not have to be complicated. I want to help you simplify your health and fitness, too, and show you the most effective ways to implement this into your life.